Reasons why we Loose Hairs

When it comes to aging, hair loss is a frequent characteristic. However, losing hair quickly as a teenager may be upsetting and challenging to manage. Teenagers may have extreme hair loss due to causes including genetics, underlying medical conditions, or hormonal changes. Fortunately, the illness is treatable with the use of a balanced diet, high-quality goods, and cutting-edge medical procedures. Let’s concentrate on the potential causes of adolescent hair loss today, as well as various treatments. Teenagers’ hair loss may have a variety of causes. While certain diseases are particular to one gender, the majority of the reasons may affect both boys and girls.

Baldness in Males

Androgenic alopecia, often known as male pattern baldness, is a prevalent condition. It often starts in the adolescent years and is one of the major factors contributing to male teenage hair loss. In actuality, 25% of occurrences of male pattern baldness are observed in people under the age of 21. A receding hairline and baldness on the top of the head are the first signs of male pattern baldness. It could be inherited or brought on by certain drugs. However, if addressed early on, male pattern baldness may be managed.


Both girls and boys may have hair loss as a result of certain drugs. Hair loss is a recognized side effect of several medications, including those used to treat serious infections, depression, antifungal therapy, acne, and blood pressure. According to studies, hair loss affects over 20% of youth taking medication for depression or acne. Some drugs, such as birth control pills or therapy for polycystic ovarian syndrome, may cause hair loss in females.

Chemical Interventions

Nowadays, teenagers often experiment with their hairstyles. To make their hair seem stylish, they use chemical-based style procedures. Teenage females often choose hair color, smoothing, straightening, smoothing, perms, and other treatments. These chemical-based therapies have severe adverse effects. It destroys the cuticles and dries out the hair. The root eventually begins to deteriorate and shed.

Unbalanced Hormones

Hormonal conditions in young females, such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, thyroid illness, lupus, etc., are sometimes present. These illnesses often cause hair loss, which might be severe.


The absence of a proper diet is another significant factor in adolescent hair loss. The majority of youngsters skip their regular meals and eat a lot of junk food. But it’s crucial to eat the correct foods at the right times in order to maintain your health. if your meal is deficient in vitamins like A. You may have problems like hair loss if you don’t get enough vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, iron, vitamin D, biotin, folic acid, etc. Stress Even while adolescence is a wonderful time of life, it can also be stressful. Teenage years are a time of uncertainty for the majority of boys and girls. They may experience stress due to physical changes, worry about school or college, or worries about their careers. This in turn is a significant hair loss trigger.






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